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Name:The Map
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Itinere is a resort town. It's got a door to 'home'. Your guys can come and go as they please or as you please. Have them pulled here unexpectedly. Have them stop over for a vacation. Have them stuck here indefinitely. Really it's up to you. There are houses, hotels and apartments. There are shops, restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts. Make it up as you go/as you want your character to experience it. There are monsters, demons, ghosts. Or not. As far as money/supplies/food/etc consider it like a super deluxe Sandals. It's all free for the taking. This is your sandbox. Play in it.

The weather is mild but there are seasons. All 'guests' will have a PDA device so voice/text/video posts are a go as are action posts.

There are no applications in Itinere, but it is invite only. If you'd like an invite, PM this community with the journal you'd like to have invited. I'll be happy to give you one.

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