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Suggest a plot or event!

If you've got something particular you'd like to see happen here in Itinere, leave it here. As long as it doesn't break things, we'll more than likely approve it. We're easy peasy about things like that.
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Well, we've had one of Hawke's world's trouble spots - aka the darkspawn, even if no one contracted the Blight >> So y'know, what's one more issue, right?

So I'm thinking... a red lyrium epidemic. Like it starts small. Someone finds a tiny shard. Maybe they keep it, maybe they give it away. Over time if kept on or near a person, it starts talking to you. Makes you see things, go mad. Paranoia hits. And then you hear the song. Voices. And it doesn't go away. If the red lyrium is taken away at this point, the song keeps going. It's faint, but it's there in some cases, but the desperation and paranoia ramp up. Reasonable people become completely unreasonable. It's like diving off the deep end and never hitting the bottom.

If the red lyrium isn't taken away? Eventually, you turn into a statue of it.

It also makes things float, makes normal people see things, and maybe even gives demons a physical form. Hawke has seen all of this. So clearly we need to make her life hell here, too, right?

It can also sprout from the ground, grow like a plant. So a piece from the original falls and it starts growing and growing and pretty soon the entire area is red lyrium. We'd probably need a volunteer to be the catalyst (and maybe someone might want a death by red lyrium, if they're going for ramped up awful) and I'd have to keep Hawke busy or she'd shut it down as soon as she heard. But I'll leave it in your capable hands XD You guys might have something better to do with it. But if you have questions, feel free to shoot them at me!

Mostly, I just want red lyrium somewhere for Hawke to go ?????!!!?@@#$%%@$# at tbh XD