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Residences & Businesses

Players are allowed to have private residences and businesses. As they are added to the game, they will be added here. The entire city is Sentient as far as this goes. It will anticipate the needs/wants of its citizens. If your muse decides they need something, they will find it in their apartment, from amenities to furniture to entire rooms. If your muse decides they want to start a business the City will make it happen. If your muse wants their own private residence, the Cit will make it happen. This can be used to add dimensions to your game play but is not required.

The Apartment Building

1 0 3
Tina Belcher

3 0 2
Lucy Locke & Jill Leighton
Living Room, Jill's Bedroom, Lucy's Bedroom (1), Lucy's Bedroom (2), Bathroom, Kitchen

5 0 1
Allison Argent & Lydia Martin
Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Allison's Room, Lydia's Room, Bathroom

6 0 3
Percy Jackson
Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom

6 0 4
Laura & Derek Hale
Living Room (1), Living Room (2), Reading Nook, Dining Area, Laura's Bedroom, Derek's Bedroom

6 1 0
Leo Valdez
Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen

Private Residences

The Barns
Outside | Fields
This is a sprawling ranch owned by the Lynch family. There are several barns on the property, cattle and deer, sheep and various other animals.
owner: Ronan Lynch | [personal profile] fictor
Adam Parrish | [personal profile] adamparrish
Opal | NPC

Cape Rouge
Outside | Living Area
A fishing boat owned by Duke Crocker. It's stationed at the beach docks and Duke lives on the boat.
owner: Duke Crocker | [personal profile] troubledrogue
Audrey Parker | [personal profile] alwaysaudrey

Everdeen House
A small house that suits them and is tucked away as much as possible.
owner: Katniss Everdeen | [personal profile] stillplaying & Primrose Everdeen | [personal profile] bloomingprimrose

Grimes House
Outside | Porch | Kitchen | Dining room | Living room | Rick's bedroom | Carl's bedroom
The Grimes' home from Alexandria. It is fully furnished with things left behind at the beginning of their post-apocalyptic world. It has approximately 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and many other spacious rooms that make it seem like quite the little mansion. Some of the furnishings and personal belongings found inside differ as they come from the memories and wishes of their old home.
owner: Rick Grimes | [personal profile] usandthedead & Carl Grimes | [personal profile] carltoaction

Hawke Estate
Hawke Estate Page
Formerly known as the Amell Estate, it is Hawke's ancestral home in Kirkwall. Obviously the estate of high nobility, it is lavishly decorated with roaring fireplaces in every room, the Amell family crest, and the fortune of the family, including numerous books and even Anders' manifesto. Oh goodie. There's also no electricity, but somehow it stays heated or aired. One room is locked, though, likely permanently and a guard dog can be heard growling if strangers come unbidden.
owner: Marian Hawke | [personal profile] considerdying

Lorna Dane's treehouse
Images (outside and inside)
Lorna Dane resides in a cozy treehouse in Itinere. It's one bedroom and comes with the essentials (a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a small eating area and living room). There's a balcony area and a table outside.
owner: Lorna Dane | [personal profile] geomagnetically

Monmouth Manufacturing
Outside, Monmouth, Inside Garage
Monmouth is a private residence that was once a manufacturing plant (who knows what they manufactured) in Henrietta, Virginia. It is placed close to the apartment buildings.
owner: Richard Gansey III | [personal profile] therealgansey
Blue Sargent | [profile] makeslourder

New Avengers Facility
Wanda's personal room is somewhere in there.
owner: Wanda Maximoff | [personal profile] divaricate

Summers Home
The Summers girls home from Sunnydale, California. A two story home that should have been cratered, but thanks wish magic!
owner: Buffy Summers | [personal profile] whattingawhat & Dawn Summers | [personal profile] the_dawnster
Alcide Herveaux | [personal profile] rouxgaroux
Spike | [personal profile] badbadman


Outside, Inside waiting area
A small apothecary for herbal and natural remedies. Meant for those who don't want to go to the hospital or who just need a simple cure.
owner: Primrose Everdeen | [personal profile] bloomingprimrose

Haven Police Department
Exterior, Interior
It's a police department, Itinere's new police department. It comes complete with offices, meeting rooms and jail cells. The police department offers services like individual police escorts as well as investigation into any crime and security services. If you feel unsafe, call the police department. They'll provide an officer to help,
owner: Audrey Parker| [personal profile] alwaysaudrey

The Houndstooth Grill & Tavern
Outside Tavern, First Floor Grill, Second Floor Bar, Second Floor Live Music Stage
Need your alcohol and sports fix? This is your haven. The Houndstooth boasts televisions, displaying sports from far and wide. The downstairs restaurant is open until 8pm, serving grilled foods like burgers, steaks, chicken fried steak, etc. While the upstairs bar is open until 2am for beer, wine and mixed drinks. Listen to the live music, hang out, cheer on your favorite team, drink and be merry!
owner: Jill Leighton | [personal profile] sempreadagio
Duke Crocker | [personal profile] troubledrogue

Interfaith Center
Interfaith Center page
Every city has a place of worship, and the Interfaith Center exists to fulfill those needs while also including anyone and everyone in their services. The Center exists not only as a kickoff point for those wanting to explore their faiths or spirituality, but also as a proper masjid and worship space for those who wish to regularly practice their faiths. Stop in, grab a cup of tea, hang out with like-minded people, or simply stop in for a quick prayer. Everyone's welcome.
owner: Stefan Salvatore | [personal profile] stefanged

Murdock's Gym
The outside The inside The bag room Cardio room Private workout room
Murdock's Gym is a state of the art boxing gym with an old school feel. Everything necessary to get in shape is available including cardio machines, jump ropes, free weights, punching bags and, of course, the boxing ring. Over the ring is a fight poster of 'Battling' Jack Murdock and an advertisement for Jack's last fight. There's also a Fight robe in glass next to the poster. Come in to walk on the treadmill or talk to the owner, Matt Murdock, about boxing training.
owner: Matt Murdock | [personal profile] preemptiveforgiveness

Parrish's Garage
Outside Garage, Inside Garage
A mechanic's shop where anything broken can be fixed from cars to radios to bikes to lawn mowers to vacuum cleaners. Let us tinker with all things broken. Why spend money on something new when you can have something repaired? Don't do it! Bring your broken items in and let us fix them.
owner: Adam Parrish | [personal profile] adamparrish
Dean Winchester | [personal profile] dudeimbatman
Leo Valdez | [personal profile] badboysupreme

Recreational Center
Rec Center, Outdoor Pool, Indoor Pool, Gym Room, Racket Ball Courts, Basketball/Volleyball Courts, Baseball Field, Football/Soccer Field
The Itinere Recreational Center is your one stop for all things athletics and sports. It boasts both indoor and outdoor pools and basketball/volleyball courts, a full workout room, racket ball courts and sparring rooms for teaching classes. Adjoining the building are fields for Baseball, Football and Soccer. Stop by anytime to get your workout or your sport on! Want to work here? Contact Derek Morgan.

outside inside
A place for all the stable animals of Itinere. Horses, cows, goats, donkeys, and anything else. It is open to everyone who might need a place to house their animals.
owner: Marian Hawke | [personal profile] considerdying

The outside, The inside, seating area, seating area, seating area, coffee & tea bar
The bookstore to end all other bookstores. Whether you're looking for a little bit of light reading before bedtime or something more serious, Subtext has it. Come in for your used books, new books and rare books. Stop in, have a cup of tea and sit by the fire while you peruse our excellent selection.
owner: Gracie Cannell | [personal profile] dorkify
Dani O'Malley | [personal profile] thefeckingmega

S.T.A.R. Labs
Outside, Main Control, Pipeline Prison, Medical Facility, Treadmill Room
Scientific and Technological Advanced Research (S.T.A.R) Labs prides itself on being a pioneer of the scientific community. It's goal is to provide solutions to the problems of everyday life through strenuous research and innovation, tackling the mysteries that the vast universe provides. Definitely not the secret headquarters of vigilante The Flash and his team.

For a tour, contact Cisco Ramon or Barry Allen.
owner: Barry Allen | [personal profile] akatheflash
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Lorna Dane's treehouse
Images (outside and inside)
Lorna Dane resides in a cozy treehouse in Itinere. It's one bedroom and comes with the essentials (a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a small eating area and living room). There's a balcony area and a table outside.
owner: Lorna Dane | [personal profile] geomagnetically
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