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Itinere is sort of like an RP sandbox. There are no applications, simply a character claim. You are allowed up to four characters and once you've proven you can be active with those four, you can request to be allowed more. Since it's not really a game, there aren't really activity checks. There are check-ins. They'll be on a semi regular basis (bi monthly or so) and players will have a week to respond before their characters are taken out of the game. I don't want to be a hard ass about anything at all, but I don't want someone squatting on a character they've got no intentions of playing.

Please use tags on your posts. The format is: canon: character name. For example: the raven cycle: adam parrish. This is how I'll check and see if someone is being completely inactive. It's also how others will keep up on what's going on in the town and with their CR.

Now, a little about the town. It's small-ish seaside town with mountains in the distance. Oh, it's maybe a little bit sentient and maybe it's a little inside your character's head so it grows and changes of it's own accord to suit the characters within the game. If your character has a deep and abiding love of bowling, the town will make certain that there is a first class bowling facility. This is a place where 'be careful what you wish for' should be taken seriously. If your character makes an IC comment like 'The heat is killing me, I wish it would cool off' put a link to that in the request post and we'll use it as a plot point.

How did you arrive? Well, your character wasn't pulled here, knocked out or otherwise kidnapped. Your character stepped through a set of doors. Yes, they are TARDIS blue. Very observant of you. In the character's home world, the doors might have looked like the door to your character's bedroom, to their work, to the bathroom, etc and so on. In the town of Itinere the doors are blue and set into a wall rather than a real building. The way they work is you open them and step through them into your (character's) world at whatever point in time the character left that world. If you don't want the doors to be working (because of course it's glitchy and doesn't always work) the doors are locked shut and unbreakable/impenetrable no matter how stellar your strength/powers might be. One character can open the doors and have them not work while another can open them right after and they'll work beautifully. Glitchy.

When your character arrives the first time they will magically have a PDA on them that will deliver this message via text to them: Welcome to Itinere! Please proceed to the Apartment buildings. A room has been reserved in your name for the duration of your time here. Enjoy your stay! If this is not your character's first time in Itinere, they will find their room key in their pocket and the PDA will have been returned to their room. The PDAs are basically smart phones that only work inside Itinere. Your character can't call home or access the internet in anyway. You're stuck with Itinere Social Network. It's basically a local version of the internet. Funny enough, google still works, but Amazon dot com, doesn't. A list of contacts is already in your phone just for handy-dandy helpfulness. The contacts list will change according to who is and isn't in Itinere at any given time.

The Apartment Building
The apartments work in this way. You enter the lobby and there's an automated registration desk. You enter your information into the computer there. Name, what sort of apartment you want, etc. It spits out an electronic key like a hotel. That apartment belongs to your character for the duration of ever. Character leaves and the room is 'held' for them. Ever hear the phrase 'it's bigger on the inside'? Apartments are modest and furnished to begin with, but will morph with your characters wants and needs as time progresses. They're absolutely bigger on the inside than they seem on the outside. The Apartment Building assigns you an apartment that it believes suits your character's personal style (or the opposite of your character's personal style. Use this as a means to torment them if you like). Your character is free to paint, personalize and redecorate their apartments as they wish. However, be aware those personalizations may not stick (again, a way to torment your character if you like. Who doesn't want Thor to live in a pink kitten apartment? If you choose not to torment your character with decor, the changes they make will stick, or the apartment building will assign them their dream apartment within reason). Once you've chosen an apartment, drop a comment here with the apartment number and optional links to photos as well.

Of course your characters can have their own house if they live in Itinere full time. Residences can be acquired through the request post. Houses will arrive in the condition they are requested. The decor stubbornness does not apply to requested residences, only native residences like the apartment buildings.

Your character can only bring what will fit in their pockets or what was in their pockets/purse/bag when they stepped through those doors, but Itinere is very accommodating and wants it's residents to be happy. Should your character require something from home (or anywhere else) they can request it. If the request is granted it will simply show up either in town or in the character's residence depending on the size of the object.

Ghouls, and goblins and gremlins. Oh my! Itinere does have a bit of a monster problem that it doesn't like to advertise. In fact, it's got a bit of a magic problem in general, if you haven't noticed. The town isn't overrun usually but if someone is wandering through town at night, they could run into a vampire or werewolf or ghoul or what-have-you. The ley lines running through the town are a bit unstable and that leads to instability in it's monsters, it's magic and occasionally it's electricity. There are power outages, brownouts and power surges.

Which brings us to plots. There will be a mod plot semi-regularly. It might be something as simple as a freak snowstorm or it might be something more involved. There will be everything from sci-fi to horror to slice of life plots. If you have a plot suggestion please drop it here. You do not need mod permission for everything. If the plot affects only you and your CR and does not break the game or go against something that has already been set down (you can not fix the doors) then you don't need permission. If you'd like to make it a game wide sort of thing, you will need permission. If you've got questions about that, go to the plot/event suggestion post above.

As for what your character can do while they're here, the answer is basically whatever you want them to do. If they want to start up a business they'll find that there are supplies to do that. OOCly this would be accomplished via the object request post. Player run businesses (and residences) will be added here. Should they want to work in a business that isn't player run, that business will be available. For example, if your character wants to work in a spa, but there is no player run spa you may have them working in the NPC spa without any kind of permission from the mods. The only thing you need permission for as far as employment goes involves player run businesses or something illegal and harmful.

Your character can choose not to work and treat this as a permanent vacation. They won't ever be charged for anything and supplies will never run out. Your character can slay vampires or weave baskets or work on a seriously awesome tan. The important thing is to have fun.

If you've got questions about any of this (or anything not addressed) leave them here and we'll do our best to answer them.

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